Why Work With Us

We focus time and resources – yours and ours – on achieving results. We prepare and approach the right reporters with your message. We track the news cycle always looking for ways to advance your message and achieve your goals.

We are available. Really! We spring into action, literally within minutes, whenever breaking news involves your issue and presents an opportunity for you to be involved in the dialogue.

We know your business. Our experience in the industries we serve allows us to anticipate your communications needs. We stay current on the substantive areas in which our clients are engaged.

We get through when others cannot. Reporters know they can turn to newsPRos to deliver what they need most: news and knowledgeable sources. Consequently, when we call and email, reporters answer, listen, read, and respond.

We know who’s who. We identify key reporters, columnists, bloggers, producers and editors who cover your issue. We reach out to them, educating them about you and how you can help them. We arrange meetings to establish direct lines of communication and personal relationships that serve as the foundation of an ongoing media effort.

“If you are too brilliant, newsPRos will have you doing interviews all day long, so be careful!”

     Email from law firm partner to colleague

We’re connected. We monitor social networking sites and create on-target content and responses and, if needed, correct misinformation about your business or points of view.

We are in it for the long haul. Many of our clients have been with us for more than a decade, some of them consistently and others as projects or needs arise. We want to be your long-term partner.

We are trustworthy.We fiercely protect the privacy and confidences of our clients. At newsPRos our priority is to promote your message without discussing your business with anyone, except in furtherance of your public relations agenda. We do not name our  clients online, we respect their privacy.

Selected client references and clips are available upon request and we are happy to discuss our record of success with you.

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