This is a time of unprecedented change in traditional media and, at the same time, of a mind-boggling explosion in social media. With so much time and space to fill, reporters are more reliant than ever on public relations professionals to help them produce the quantity and quality of news demanded. The environment also requires creative thinking and new strategies to cut through the clutter.

newsPRos has been a leading media relations firm for more than 25 years. We maintain ongoing relationships with thousands of reporters at traditional media outlets and social media sites in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We are known to the media for providing timely, accurate information and informed knowledgeable sources.

We know that each client has specific needs and goals, requiring a highly personalized media plan and strategy. Once engaged, we learn about your issues, industry, and competitors and identify your audiences. We continually stay current with the news in your industry or sector, through research and by talking with reporters who cover your issues.

“I just spoke with a reporter at the Delaware Law Weekly. He said newsPRos is the best PR team that he has ever dealt with, that they know what he is interested in/not interested in, and what he needs for an article.”
                -Partner email to Managing Partner AmLaw 50 law firm

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