newsPRos routinely assists clients in crisis, from relatively contained, but serious events, to bet-the-company catastrophes, including heading off or providing balance to negative news coverage.

Because you never know when a crisis will arise or where it will take you, being prepared is critical. Thinking about and planning before a crisis happens makes all the difference in mitigating damage.

Jamie Moss, newsPRos’ founder and President, is certified by the Institute for Crisis Communications. She and members of the team are informed by years spent as reporters covering crises and as PR professionals developing the skills and instincts required to manage the challenges faced in a crisis. They effectively confront and manage your communcations challenges.

newsPRos’ expertise guides you through the critical first 24 to 48 hours as a crisis unfolds, and which too often is when communications support is first summoned. We stay with you throughout the crisis and its aftermath.

We instantly begin to manage the media, the social network and your internal communications as events unfold in real time and inevitably the atmosphere becomes increasingly stressful and chaotic.

Although newsPRos is adept at helping companies in crisis, there is much we can do to prepare your organization in advance. Even before problems arise, we can conduct an assessment to identify vulnerabilities, including potential smoldering or acute crises. We then create an action plan designed to lessen the likelihood of severe damage to your organization’s reputation and brand if a crisis ever occurs. A well thought out crisis communications plan helps everyone respond quickly and appropriately in these difficult situations.

Crises know no hours, so newsPRos is available around the clock until your crisis has subsided. Then we help you regroup and plan for the future. As members of your team, we share your goal of minimizing the reputational damage to your organization and brand that a crisis can cause.

"newsPRos immediately jumped in... As a result of newsPRos efforts, we managed to turn around extremely negative press coverage…”
     -Note from Partner Amlaw 100 law firm to CMO

Some crisis situations in which newsPRos was involved:

  • newsPRos recently provided crisis communications support to one of North America’s largest nutritional supplement companies to shape its response and manage its public image during a voluntary recall of certain highly visible products following an FDA investigation. We continue to manage media relations for the company.
  • newsPRos continues to advise a medical device company in the midst of a highly-public and politicized process to retain FDA approval of an orthopedic device in the context of the agency’s politically-charged 510(K) review process.
  • newsPRos provided strategy and messaging to the key spokesperson for the housing authority in a major US city when a child was killed in a tragic elevator accident in one of its apartment complexes.
  • newsPRos advised a regional community bank system under attack by a disgruntled customer using social media tactics.

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