Law Firms

newsPRos knows law firms, the legal industry and your multi-faceted PR needs.  Led by a public relations professional with a J.D., we’re as comfortable in the midst of transactions, litigations, mediations and other legal processes as our law firm clients.

Others may be baffled by the conventions, traditions, acronyms and unpredictability of law firms, but newsPRos knows the profession and how to use this knowledge to advance your goals.

We provide a scope of support that’s the envy of the industry, including:

  • Supporting your firm across all issue areas, geographic locations and practice groups.
  • Publicizing your notable deals and transactions, whether for millions or billions of dollars.  
  • Securing media coverage for your lateral hires, womens and diversity initiatives, associate and partner development programs, mergers, pro bono projects, community service programs, and other good news you want to share.
  • Managing media coverage of potential or actual crisis events, unforeseen circumstances, and other bad news you want to keep in house.
  • Creating and delivering litigation communications for your cases at entry level state courts up to the state’s highest court and district level federal Courts through the Circuit Courts of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court. 
  • Providing well-written case studies, backgrounders, op-eds, editorials, letters to the editor and other collateral materials that highlight your expertise and positions.
  • Developing and submitting winning nominations for every conceivable award and recognition program honoring your lawyers, practice groups and the firms.
  • Understanding the regulatory, legislative and administrative processes inside out. 
  • Knowing the jargon and speaking your language- ALM, FCPA, ATCA, DJ, FOIA, EEOC, ADA, AFT, CFTC, FDIC, FINRA, BIA, DHS, SEC, DOL, DOJ, FDA, Freddie Mac, GATT, START, IMF, NHTSA, OECD, SCOTUS, OSHA, VOA, CCA,WTO and USTPO are a regular part of our vocabulary

“We would not have achieved this instantaneous victory had the papers not been so perfect and had newsPRos not placed the story in the media so quickly….”
     -Real Estate partner, AmLaw 50 law firm

Read here for a Snapshot of the issues and matters in the legal arena with which we have dealt.

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